What is self hosted WordPress and WordPress.com?


One very common question from WordPress beginners is what is the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org? And what is a self hosted WordPress? To keep it simple, WordPress.com is a blog hosting service. Basically it’s an online service just like blogger.com or tumblr.com which enables you to register and create a simple blog quickly. You… Read more »

How To Detect Mobile Device in WordPress & Show Different Ads

mobile device

This little tutorial will show you how to detect a mobile device or mobile reader in WordPress and then display a different ad or content based on the device being used. This tip is useful if you are using a responsive WordPress theme and want to show different ads to desktop and mobile readers.

WordPress Code to Get Total Number of Posts and Comments

how much

Here’s a quick WordPress code to get and display the total number of posts and comments in your blog and we will even register it as a shortcode so that you can use the code anywhere within your posts or widgets. This is quite useful if you wish to showcase how many published articles and… Read more »

WordPress Tip: Show page content only to logged in users

website login

Here’s a quick spell for today for showing WordPress page or post content only to logged in users. The code below can be used on your page template to hide any part of the page. In this quick tutorial we will use this code to show a message to users who are not authenticated and… Read more »

Exclude Specific Tags From Showing Up in WordPress Theme

wp tags

Most WordPress themes display the list of tags under each post. It’s easy to hide all the tags by simply deleting the default WordPress tags function from your theme. However in some cases, we will want to display the list of tags but exclude specific tags from being displayed in the loop. You can do… Read more »

How To Remove Unused Shortcodes From WordPress Content


Shortcodes are really useful and cool to use for WordPress posts and pages. The great thing about WP Shortcodes is that we can easily create custom functions and then call these same functions right inside the post area or even in a widget supporting only html and text. There reaches a time however when we… Read more »

Compress CSS With PHP Without Renaming The CSS Files


I was actually looking for an easy way to compress css files using PHP for one of my static websites. It is a known fact that PHP can be used to compress CSS files which therefore improves the overall page performance and loading time. However most methods require that you rename your css file to… Read more »

Change WordPress Dashboard Footer Text


Here is a little WordPress hack to change the footer text within your WP dashboard. This little tweak is useful specially when you are designing a client site. You will most probably be giving the client access to the dashboard so that he can edit his website or blog and you can always make it… Read more »